LiRon Anderson-Bell, President, has spent more than 17 years creating,
promoting, enhancing and protecting corporate and personality brands.  
Her professional background includes roles in corporate, consumer and
personal public relations, the record industry, concert promotion,
commercial and public radio, and cable television.  

After several years of providing informal media crisis counsel to both
working entertainers and colleagues representing individuals making
their living in the industry, she launched Crisis Contingency Partners as a
dynamic, responsive communications firm positioned to assist public
personalities with managing their personal brand before, during and after
a media crisis.
Approach and Philosophy
We can assist at all
stages of your
client's image life
cycle: general,
non-crisis media
coaching to identify
your scramble team
and establish
protocols; ongoing
issues management
for personalities
that are especially
vulnerable to media
attacks; and in-crisis
event strategy and
Our Leadership
LiRon K. Anderson-Bell
Our Approach and Philosophy
The firm's approach is rooted in branding basics.  A recognizable face,
signature skill or visible public office can make someone an international
icon.  It is our philosophy that the life cycle of a celebrity's image parallels
that of a corporation and during times of both public confidence and
public crisis, that image requires the same vigilant cultivation,
maintenance and protection a corporation would exercise.

We also deal in frank reality.  There is no "off" switch when one lives in the
public eye and your clients may be targets for scandal without doing
anything to invite controversy.  It isn't just about making a poor decision;
images can be ruined based on the people one associates with, gossip,
ill-timed quotes/misquotes, snarky headlines or simply being in the
wrong place at the wrong time.
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